Monday, September 26जापानबारे सबै कुरा

About Us

Nepali In Japan को बारेमा तपाइले बुझ्नै पर्ने कुरा !

१. यो कुनै संस्था होइन !
२. यसले नेपालबाट जापान कुनै पनि भिसामा मान्छे ल्याउने काम गर्दैन !
३. यो कुनै पनि राजनीतिक पार्टीसंग आबद्ध छैन !
४. जापान आउने सम्बन्धि तपाइले म्यासेजमा सोधेका सबै कुराको शतप्रतिशत सही जवाफ दिन हामी असमर्थ हुन सक्छौ, हामीले जापानमा देखेभोगेका आधारमा उत्तर दिने हौं, निर्णय लिने बेला स्वबिबेक प्रयोग गर्नु होला !

This website is dedicated to all the Nepalese who are living in Japan and those who are planning to live/visit Japan. A one-stop website and Facebook page to share useful information required to live a life in Japan.

The objective of this initiative is purely community focused to help fellow Nepalese! Using this website we can share useful information to help our Nepali Community live a better life in Japan.

Feel free to contribute useful information/news/articles/event information on this website by sending a message to us.

Looking forward to all your support and contribution to grow this page as a one-stop community page for all Nepalese!

Notes: The articles/posts and Videos are created based on personal experience in Japan and also collected from various other websites/mail groups. If you come across any incorrect information, please contact and inform the same.

-Team Nepali In Japan